"Spiritual Cleansing"

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area


  • Title of work:
    Spiritual Cleansing
  • Total number in edition:
  • Date taken:
  • Camera:
    Zone Vi 4x5 View Camera with a 6x17 DaYi 120 roll film holder
  • Lens:
    150 mm Nikon Nikkor-W
  • Aperture:
  • Shutter Speed:
    1/4 second
  • ISO:
  • Filters:
  • Film:
    Fujifilm Velvia 50

  • Story behind the image:

    In the middle of the night I was awakened and happened to look outside and to my delight it was snowing! Snow in the Las Vegas Valley is a rare occurence so just before sunrise I headed out to Red Rock Canyon to see what mother nature would devulge. As the sun came up, the fog slowly lifted and a beautiful, moody scene unfolded before me. I am so thankful that something woke me in the middle of the night and I looked out the window; otherwise I would have never captrued this wonderful image.

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