"Wavin It"

Vermillion Cliffs National Monument


  • Title of work:
    Wavin It
  • Total number in edition:
  • Date taken:
  • Camera:
    Zone VI 4x5 View Camera
  • Lens:
    90 mm Schneider-Kreuznach Super Angulon
  • Aperture:
  • Shutter Speed:
    1/8 second
  • ISO:
  • Filters:
  • Film:
    Fujifilm Velvia 100

  • Story behind the image:

    Very few people ever see "the wave" because of limited entry to the area but above all, it is simply life threatening to visit. No designated trails or landmarks, desert heat and the very real threat of dehydration coupled with tens of miles to reach help are some of the greatest barriers for most. My friends and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have been able to visit and appreciate this dangerous beauty.

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