"Pastel Passion"

Death Valley National Park


  • Title of work:
    Pastel Passion
  • Total number in edition:
  • Date taken:
  • Camera:
    Zone Vi 4x5 View Camera
  • Lens:
    360 mm Rodenstock Sironar-N
  • Aperture:
  • Shutter Speed:
    2 seconds
  • ISO:
  • Filters:
  • Film:
    Fujifilm Velvia 100

  • Story behind the image:

    Death Valley has so much to offer from majestic mountains, salt flats, and flowing sand dunes. It was pretty cloudy for sunrise so I decided to focus on the details in the sand. As I was taking this image, a small amount of sunlight reflected from the clouds bounced back into the sand to create a warm glow. I love the serenity of this image.

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